Eneida Colon

Eneida Colon came from Chicago, Illinois and became a resident of Tucson, Arizona in 1989. Her diverse education studying cosmetology, art of haute couture fashion, interior design, stained glass, glass blowing, jewelry, photography, ceramic and sculpture has lead to an informative and creative set of careers and life.  

Eneida’s activity and dedication in coordinating events within the Tucson fine arts community has lead her to be a respected part of local vernacular. Working with several local art institutions such as The Tucson Museum of Art, and Sculpture Resource Center in Tucson. She provides a vehicle for communication between organizations. She is a member of, Tucson Museum of Art Contemporary Art Society also Romero house potters, Arizona Glass Alliance, and a member of the International Art Exchange. She has exhibited her work in France, Mexico, and the US.

Within her own artwork, she has developed a unique and identifiable working style of relief mix media collage, ceramic, metal sculptor and stained glass which is sought after in the local art markets. Her stained glass constructions incorporate elements that stem from Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany with a distinct characteristic of her own.  

Artist Statement 

Eneida is an International artist, alternative relief mix media collage artist in stained glass, ceramic, metal and three-dimensional artwork. Her art explores unexpected materials such as found objects, blown glass, gemstones and agates, precious metals, wire meshes, bones, ceramic, woods, leathers, feathers, and silver.